Научная биография:

Educational experience (starting from undergraduate level)
2008.08-2012.06 Suzhou University, Bachelor’s degree 2012.08-2015.06 Suzhou University, Master’s degree 2013.10-2014.9 Exchange at Kanazawa University, Japan
Work experience (fill in chronological order, if part-time, please indicate.)
2012.11-2019.06 Part-time Japanese lecturer at Suzhou University Foreign Language Training 2015.08-Present Japanese teacher at Suzhou No.3 Middle School
Academic achievements and patents (academic achievements include papers, books, international conference reports, etc., clearly indicating the publication time, publication medium, and impact factor. If they can be found online, relevant links will be attached; patents clearly indicate the patent name, patent number, patent validity period, and other information.)
1. Successfully applied for a national patent named «A Wear-resistant Cleaner» (patent number 201120053657.6) in 2011 2. On the Defamiliarization Tendency of Metaphors in Haruki Murakami’s Novels Journal of Huaihai Institute of Technology Vol. 11 No. 17, 2013 3. On the Postmodern Tendency of Parody in Haruki Murakami’s Novels Journal of Huaihai Institute of Technology Vol. 12 No. 6, 2014 4. Classroom Application of Situational Teaching Method in Japanese Teaching-How to Design Teaching with Students as the Main Body Computer Campus April 2023 5. Effective Strategies for Building an Efficient High School Japanese Classroom Educational Abstracts Vol. 38 July No. 14, 2023
research directionJapanese Language and Culture
Personal statement (limited to 500 words, focusing on ideological and moral qualities, professional skills, work experience, achievements and performance)
I am a steady, low-key person, conscientious, hardworking, and willing to take responsibility. I like to communicate with others, am good at living with others, and have a good sense of teamwork. I like the Japanese major very much. During my four years in college, I studied some related courses seriously, laying a solid foundation for my professional practice and further study. I am well aware of the importance of practical ability to this major, so while learning various courses well, I also pay attention to participating in various extracurricular practical activities, such as the Sasakawa Cup «Perceiving China» National Japanese Essay Competition Excellence Award, and published 2 provincial papers during my master’s degree. Since entering high school, I have always devoted myself to the glorious education cause with full enthusiasm, coached students from one class after another to win national awards, taught conscientiously, and sent students to higher education institutions. At the same time, I also did not forget my own development, often participated in various teacher competitions, and achieved good results, such as the National Teaching Plan Competition Excellence Award, 2 national papers, and countless provincial awards. Of course, I am very clear that with my current foundation, this process will be quite difficult and tortuous, and now it is just the first step of the long march. To achieve the goal, in addition to diligence, I am afraid that more attention should be paid to methods, skills and full potential. I will absorb everyone’s wisdom widely, so as to make myself more powerful and act faster. It is also valuable to apply what you have learned, be pragmatic and try your best to solve practical problems. Following this main line, academic research can benefit life and serve society faster, and let ideals integrate into reality.


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Действительный член (академик) РАОиФН им. ак. М.В. Ломоносова (2024).

Почётный доктор РАОиФН им. ак. М.В. Ломоносова (2024).