Zou Ning


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Work Experience (Please fill in chronological order, specify if part-time)
2000.6-2016.12China Aviation Industry Aviation Life-saving Equipment Co., Ltd.  Research on Aviation and Aerospace Life-saving
2020.4-2020.11Minmetals Securities  Debt Financing
2021.4-2022.10Huaxia Shengshi Fund Management Co., Ltd.  Financial Services
2022.10至今China Industrial Energy Conservation and Clean Production Association  Natural and Energy Planning
2023.7至今Advisor for the United Nations Ecological Organization «World Ecology» Magazine  Official Publication of the United Nations
2015-2020Independent Investor  Angel Investment
Personal Academic Achievements and Patent Information (Academic achievements include papers, works, reports at international conferences, indicating publication date, publication medium, impact factor, and related links if available online; patents include patent name, patent number, and patent validity period.)
I have two pending invention patents in the field of hydrogen energy, with the following names: 1. Method for Sealing Fuel Cell Stack, Application Number: 2024106710154 2. Assembly-Type Miniature Flow Field Design Method for Simulated Full-Size Fuel Cell Flow Field Testing, Application Number: 2024106710101
Personal Statement (Limited to 400 characters, focusing on moral integrity, professional skills, work experience, achievements, and enterprise development)
Mr. Zou Ning has extensive experience working in China’s central state-owned enterprises and government NGO systems. His expertise spans military industry, finance, urban project financing, and technology investment. He possesses the moral integrity unique to professionals in the party and government systems, coupled with practical experience in industrial finance. With a keen sense of science and technology, he has invested in projects related to environmental protection, energy, semiconductor chips, and supply chain systems. His investment in leading-edge bio-based waterborne anticorrosive coatings has secured procurement contracts with the military and government. Simultaneously, he serves as an advisor for the United Nations Ecological Organization’s official publication «World Ecology,» collaborating on natural and agricultural heritage projects in China. He co-initiated the National Agricultural Science and Technology Fund with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, with a scale of 10 billion RMB, and collaborates with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Key Laboratory for Energy Conservation on integrating natural ecology with clean energy delivery. Currently, he leads the daily operations of the Huaxia Hydrogen Energy Industry Research Institute, a second-tier institution under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, serving as the Executive Director. With two pending invention patents under his leadership, he is driving the implementation of the hydrogen energy industry chain in China, promoting the widespread application of hydrogen energy products in society, achieving significant market results. Undertook the following projects in 2023:1. Surface Anticorrosion Project for Offshore Engineering by the Ministry of Transport.2. Surface Repair Project for the Three Gorges Dam.3. Waterborne Salt Spray Protection Project for Aircraft Carrier Compartments.4. Application of Hydrogen-powered Drones in Natural Disaster Response.5. Fuel Cell Stack Design Projects for Hydrogen-powered Transportation (bicycles, heavy trucks, trains, small vehicles, etc.).


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